Adclick Africa Media Group is a diversified digital media publisher and firm of SME South Africa that commissioned IOA-In on Africa, a reputed research consulting company to perform an in an in-depth evaluation of the sate SEMEs in South Africa with a key focus on the risks, challenges, opportunities, and the proposed strategies for improvements. The firm has played a critical role in providing guidance to SMEs to embrace the idea of lead generation marketing.

The main objective of this report is providing crucial insights into the SME business world. The Adclick Africa Media CEO, Velly Bosega, has pointed out that they are committed to identifying factors that impact the SME landscape and plotting best practice and opportunities to provide guidance for the future. The CEO also observes that there are several opportunities and setbacks that need to be explored comprehensively within the whole SME ecosystem. Out of the robust research that was performed, the report presented crucial findings and recommendations.

Some of the Key Findings from the Report

– The opportunities available for SME owners and the underlying challenges

– How SMEs continue to integrate modern technology

– Sources of SME financing and business support

– How SMEs operate in the present regulatory landscape

-The demographics of SME owners in South Africa.

SME South Africa is committed to continuing providing useful content to SME owners. The SME division provides refined alternatives to the digital marketing sector. The survey covered over, 1000 SME owners in different parts of the county. The database of the firm also includes all the names of all the participants who took part in the survey. The firm explains that lead generation is important in business expansion and growth but it is important for SMEs to avoid working with lead agencies that embrace unethical practices.

Business owners are advised to avoid any lead agency that only provides users with “junk leads” that incorporate inaccurate or false information. SMEs that rely on reputed agencies for leads have succeeded to grow and expand their businesses. Experts point out that SMEs need leads mostly at the start-up stage but it is crucial to continue generating more leads to enjoy a competitive edge. Firms should also focus on affordable and experienced lead agencies to avoid overstretching their budgets.

The effectiveness of business leads also depend on the reputation of the agency offering the specific leads. Superior leads always result in higher rates of conversions and that explains better why SMEs wishing to grow their revenue by double-digit should consider working with reputed and experienced lead agencies. Most SMEs that have worked with reputed lead agencies have registered significant business growth in the recent past years.  It will also be quite interesting to see how Adclick Africa lead generation will fair in the coming year.