It is a bitter truth that accidents happen even when one is careful. As much as we want to prevent mishaps, they happen adversely affecting the life of our most precious pet pals. It is unimaginable to think that our pets can fall victim of serious emergencies like poisoning, heatstroke, ingestion of foreign objects or attack from other animals. But if there is anything we could do to prevent the severity of these miss happenings, it is to be prepared well in advance.

Chemical ingestion:

Pets are generally curious to know what is in and around their house. They like to explore creeks and corners and lick and sniff everything their eyes stick upon. It could lead to mistakenly ingestion of chemical and rat poison. Keep things that contain toxic chemical, sharp objects, chewable wires away from the reach of your pets. ‘Vet Hospital near me list can help you reach out to professional vets quickly in case of an emergency

Fights and attacks by other animals

Some pets are quiet and love the company of their own but many others are very extrovert and active. They like mingling with other animals and play with them. But a healthy play can turn into aggressive fight in no time. To avoid fights and attacks, teach your pets their limits, understand their body for signs of any aggression or anxiety.

Skin Problems

Our pets especially cats and dogs like a good playtime rolling in the mud, grass or leaves. It may seem intimidating, but it can cause skin infections and allergies. If your pet happens to catch any rashes or other skin problems think of all the veterinary service near me that are available. If you use ointment or bathing soap, make sure it is natural and not harmful for the pets.


Our non-human buddies are just like us. They get attracted to anything they see and try to get their tongue into anything they like. They have no sense of getting chocked. Chewing, swallowing of any hard object can cause choking, broken teeth and gum injuries. Avoid giving bones to your cats or dogs as splintered bone can puncture their digestive tracks. Dispose destroyed toys as its loose or broken pieces can be swallowed by them.

Lost but never found

Cats are free-spirited animals that like to wander around the vicinity without the supervision of their owner, putting them at greater risk of wandering away from house permanently. But dogs too can wander away from home many times. It is a must to have micro-chip or collar with IDs and contact details of the owner tagged in cats and dogs. Make your home cat-friendly and secure the outdoor access to ensure the cat stays indoor.