The UK’s Free Boiler Grant Scheme, also known as ECO, began in 2013 to assist fuel poor households. Target households are those who struggle to heat their homes with faulty, inefficient, and old central heating boilers. There are seven things you may not know about the Free Boiler Grant Scheme. They are:

  1. Only private tenants and homeowners can apply. Private renting tenants will require prior permission from their landlord. If you live with parents or have a verbal tenancy agreement, your status can be demonstrated by Ofgem’s unwritten tenancy agreement.
  2. The grants will be valid until September 2018, when Energy Company Obligation (ECO) closes its doors. Energy providers decided to make an annual contribution of £ 1.3 billion for every year the grant is operational.
  3. Unfortunately, the boiler grant is not open to everyone. The criteria are very strict and you need to be eligible for certain benefits to apply. For example, a state pension will not be sufficient. However, pensioners with Pension Guarantee Credit are eligible.
  4. The grant applies to condensing boilers with less than 86% efficiency or non-condensing gas boilers. Currently, applications for electric storage, oil boiler, and LPG heater grants are now accepted. Additionally, there are grants available for home insulation.
  5. Your existing boiler needs to be inefficient with a rating ranging between Band C and Band G (less than 86% efficiency). This can be established using the manufacturer and model of the boiler. A and B rated condensing boilers do not qualify for replacement.
  6. Approximately 2.5 million households have the potential of benefitting from this grant. Your household may qualify for the same. Find out more by contacting the relevant authorities.
  7. The grant has gained a lot of popularity. Usually, it takes 2 – 3 months from the initial day of application to the finalisation of the process. Take note, the duration will vary depending on the company tasked with the process, but the free boiler scheme carries many benefits for those who have access to it.