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Jalopy track: St Mellons
St Mellons
  Club members for not listed
Jalopy club member: Pete Baker
Pete Baker, 17F
Jalopy club member: T. Cawson
T. Cawson, 2F
Jalopy club member: T. Davies
T. Davies, LA9A
Jalopy club member: B. Dutson
B. Dutson, SV25
Jalopy club member: Geoff Edmunds
Geoff Edmunds,
Jalopy club member: Dave Fernihough - 5C
Dave Fernihough - 5C, R209
Jalopy club member: Eric Gittoes
Eric Gittoes,
Jalopy club member: Jim Gribble
Jim Gribble, CD18
Jalopy club member: Terry Harber (SV)
Terry Harber (SV), SV13
Jalopy club member: Dave Hobbs
Dave Hobbs, CD11
Jalopy club member: Ray Hughes (Cdf)
Ray Hughes (Cdf), CD4
Jalopy club member: Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones, W71
Jalopy club member: Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones, R8
Jalopy club member: Hubert Jones (PAC)
Hubert Jones (PAC), PAC10
Jalopy club member: Ann Lawrence
Ann Lawrence, G8D
Jalopy club member: Paul Pearce (PHD)
Paul Pearce (PHD), PHD26
Jalopy club member: Carol Reese
Carol Reese, CD3
Jalopy club member: Colin Soar
Colin Soar, TC54
Jalopy club member: Judy Stevens (CD)
Judy Stevens (CD), CD17
Jalopy club member: Annette Stone
Annette Stone, CD20
Jalopy club member: N. Williams
N. Williams, 113F
Jalopy club member: B. Williams (Cwm)
B. Williams (Cwm), 708
Jalopy club member: B. Williams (Cwm)
B. Williams (Cwm), C708


Jalopy picture: E10D

Jalopy picture: Mick Morgan in action

C1 - Mick Morgan in action.

Jalopy picture: Gloucestershire awards

Gloucestershire Autograss League Championship awards ceremony. Class 4 winner - Barrie Staite - 1985 Mike Galling - presenting trophy.

Jalopy picture: Llandow race track

S32D showing it's performance at Llandow.

Jalopy picture: Class 2 - Reg Fishpool

1982. Class 2 car. Morris Marina and a few Trophies - testament to his dedication to the sport.

Jalopy picture: 18F

Class 2 Vauxhall Viva. 1979

Jalopy picture: Nationals - Terry Childs

West Midland Open 1978 Terry Childs, Pete Brewer, Chris Tarrant and Don Jenkins. There was a crowd of over 2,000 people that day.

Jalopy picture: SV80 last season

Think this was Geoff's last season - 1977.

Jalopy picture: 1974 - Trophy presentation

Trophy Presentation - 1974. Under 1300cc Specials.

Jalopy picture: Stroud and Bredon Hill

S38D Bill Summers?, B6H John Dawe, S20D Dave Gardiner with S24D Cedric Alway? following up the rear.

Jalopy picture: George Thorpe in action

Note the safety fence, two ropes and a tyre slung over the post!

Jalopy picture: Broken down G38D

Forest of Dean race meeting at Maisemore. Sunday 13th Oct 1968. Tow truck: C.M.Downton - Skip lorry

Jalopy picture: David Field

1964 Naase Lane Quedgley Glos. Battle of Britain meeting. Looks like G6D has a bit of mechanical failure - would this be allowed today?

Jalopy picture: Les Horder in his 1300 Pushrod Special

Les Horder in his 1300 Pushrod Special

Jalopy picture: Merv Tucker was one of the pioneers of Specials

The late Merv Tucker was one of the pioneers of Specials racing and was very competitive.

Jalopy picture: Freddie Booy in his Datsun at Stroud's Moreton Valence track

Freddie Booy again in his Datsun at Stroud's Moreton Valence track

Jalopy picture: YS36 John Woodland chases a Forest special

YS36 John Woodland chases a Forest special in his 1300 Ford Pushrod powered car.

Jalopy picture: Jumping Jeff Jones

W71 Jumping Jeff Jones

Jalopy picture: BS27 Keith Fraser battles

BS27 Keith Fraser battles with assorted 100E's, E93A's, Beetles and even Imps.

Jalopy picture: Mr Phil Dyke

Still picking up trophies!

Jalopy picture: Wigmore - Home of Border Counties first days

Jalopy picture: Epic battle between Penhow's Roy McDonagh

Epic battle between Penhow's Roy McDonagh in his transverse supercharged 1800 BMC Special and PHD22 Don Jenkins in his V6 Ford version.

Jalopy picture: Owen Davies

Jalopy picture: SV80 - Geoff Dalley

Jalopy picture: Geoff Dalley and Pete Brewer

Doing battle with Pete Brewer R57

Jalopy picture: Mr George Thorpe

C33 - Don Page's car in background.

Jalopy picture: The Escort

Jalopy picture: PHD Rose Bowl - Dave Sanger

Left:Johnny 'Plumber Morris, John Schofield H3, Nigel Watkins (always an avid follower), and Dave Sanger H10

Jalopy picture: Frame of C10 mk 1

The bare chassis of C10 Mark 1.

Jalopy picture: First Outing!

The first ever Sanger racer, fresh from the workshop ready for the first race. C10 Mark 1

Jalopy picture: C10 mark 2

Arrived for the days racing. C10 Mark 2

Jalopy picture: Geoff Dalley/Phil Dyke

Discussing tactics - Geoff Dalley and Phil Dyke

Jalopy picture: Dolomite Sprint

Doing battle with the Dolomite Sprint

Jalopy picture: Hereford Rebore trophy

One of Geoff's proudest moments - winning the Hereford Rebore Trophy at Withington - August 10th 1974. George Thorpe drove for the lap of honour. Mr Owen Davies in foreground.

Jalopy picture: Doing battle

Racing for the line

Jalopy picture: Line up!

Line up - Grasshopper. Dave Fernihough.

Jalopy picture: Kelvin walker - Handywork

Kelvin Walker BS1 - Handiwork!

Jalopy picture: H150

Jalopy picture: P26

P26 - Les Horder - 1974.

Jalopy picture: Dave Sanger H10


Jalopy picture: Ken Hammond and George Thorpe

Sharing a joke with George Thorpe! Presentation evening - Corse village hall.

Jalopy picture: Trophy celebration

Trophy evening - kindly supplied by Don Page.

Jalopy picture: Ken Hammond - Trophy night

Another trophy!

Jalopy picture: Nationals - Withington 1990

Don Page and Michael Groth of TV's That's life (approx 1985) National's. The Charity nominated was the Ben Hardwick appeal. (He was featured on That's Life). Gavin Campbell was also there to receive the cheque. (Thanks to Jason Roberts - Don Page's eldest Grandson) for this information. Yet another avid fan in the Family of the racing years!

Jalopy picture: Russ Tyler - The racer

Russell - H9

Jalopy picture: Leo Weager.

A very tight squeeze! Leo Weager in SV1. SV1 was raced when the new Severn Valley Club took off. G8D to the right and R7D to the left.

Jalopy picture: Autograsser and Rally

Jalopy picture: BC89

Jalopy picture: BC52

Jalopy picture: C33

Page boys?

Jalopy picture: C45 - Doug Brown

Jalopy picture: Geoff Edmunds

Geoff Edmunds

Jalopy picture: Rae Woods

Rae Woods - B62H

Jalopy picture: H31 - Tony Over

Jalopy picture: Les Wall

BC79 - taken from a publication - late 70's.

Jalopy picture: Bruce and Don!

Don giving Bruce Campbell a pep talk!

Jalopy picture: Ron Haggett and Greg Morgan

Trophy presentation.

Jalopy picture: Help needed please.

Ron Tyler being presented with a prize. Ted Blackmore over to the far right. It has also been pointed out to me that this looks very much Miss Jalopydays 1967 handing out the trophies and prizes.

Jalopy picture: P56 - line up

The line up of greats! (I loved that spotty jacket). Right to left: P56 Len Attwell,R209 Dave Fernihough,SV80 Geoff Dalley,H150 Phil Dyke - any other's names appreciated. Poss Bill Locke.

Jalopy picture: H250 - Dyke's

Poss - Phil driving.?

Jalopy picture: H250 - Dyke's

Poss - Phil driving.?

Jalopy picture: H3 - Martin Bowen

Jalopy picture: Phil Barlow - H013

Jalopy picture: H15 - Allan Thomas

Jalopy picture: Severn Valley line up

Jalopy picture: SV77 - Rene at the wheel

Jalopy picture: SV80 illustration

Illustration which appeared in the Severn Valley programme designed by Martin Weager.

Jalopy picture: SV77 -Rene

Jalopy picture: SV81 - Mark Webber

Jalopy picture: SV8 and SV80

An early racing picture of SV8 Glyn Williams and SV80 - Geoff Dalley. Given to jalopydays from Tiny Wood's collection. A very avid follower of Severn Valley.

Jalopy picture: SV77 - Colin Shail

Carry on the immortal number SV77 - Jane Shail - daughter of George Thorpe

Jalopy picture: SV80

Cropped picture from an original line up including Andy Rouse.

Jalopy picture: S20D - Jalopy Journal 1974

Taken from Jalopy Journal - 2nd Edition 1974

Jalopy picture: B43H - Tom Mills

Taken from Jalopy Journal - 2nd Edition 1974

Jalopy picture: B45H - Gerry Clarke

Picture taken from Jalopy Journal - 5th Edition 1974

Jalopy picture: Dave Fernihough and Bryan Waterhouse

Picture from: Autograss Journal 6th Edition 1975 - 15p.

Jalopy picture: Best entry - Photographic comp.

B6H seems to be carrying a bit of a burden. E39D (as yet unknown). B44H William and Steve Wright?

Jalopy picture: B51H - Ray Corbett Class 3 Champion

Jalopy picture: PAC26

Jalopy picture: PAC40 - Gerald James

Jalopy picture: SV1 - Leo Weager

Jalopy picture: E11D

Tony Griffith does battle with Ted Wheatley 1974. Jalopy Journal - 1974.

Jalopy picture: 107F - Graham Hill

Jalopy picture: SV1 - Leo Weager

Jalopy picture: Another season - another recognition!

Looks like Long John Parry? Jen Weager and Ted Blackmore.

Jalopy picture: Dave and Leo

Trophy presentation - Dave Fernihough and Leo Weager

Jalopy picture: G1D and G27D do battle!

John Bevan G1D and Wally Millard G27D

Jalopy picture: Pete Murray

Trophy presentation at Wormelow.

Jalopy picture: P14 - A Special

Supplied by Ron Morris - Wimpey Walker in a special?

Jalopy picture:  A day out at racing

Another generation: Gerry with his Father Herbert. Gerry's sister Grace.

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Jalopy picture: At speed

This was taken in 1985 - probably at Withington. Still a speed merchant!

Jalopy picture: H150 - an early production

Another capacity crowd to watch the afternoons racing. H150 in action - yet another of Phil Dykes car designs.

Jalopy picture: Doing battle with Jim Spencer

Nationals? Looks like a battle with S57Y. R111 - Jim spencer and Phil Dyke (car far closer to the ground).

Jalopy picture: Phil Dyke - The rewards of racing

Inter league race.Radford boys, Border Counties boys, Hereford Boys Geoff Dalley, Harry Badger, Phil Dyke, Dave Fernihough. Les Wall, Dave Sanger.

Jalopy picture: Need a little help

Withington - matching Landrover for Hereford colours.

Jalopy picture: B52H

Jalopy picture: Leading the way

Les - ahead of Leo Weager SV1.

Jalopy picture: 87F Roger Sandford

Jalopy picture: Flying 848F

Flying John!Here is John coming in to land after a 32ft flight at Long Marsden airfield - Stafford. Please note the marshals on the start line pointing to the aeroplane flying overhead - their backs to the action - or .... perhaps they were hailing the Ambulance from the pits?

Jalopy picture: 848F

Jalopy picture: W007

Jalopy picture: Nationals 2010 - Gerry Rodgers

Nationals 2010

Jalopy picture: Bob Clifford

1968. Severn Valley Track at Staunton Court. Bob Clifford driving Bill Allsopps Dello. It had a supercharged Ford 100 E engine. Bob spun three times but still finished third. Sadly in the open it was involved in another incident and broke into two pieces. It survived to see another race day as it was rebuilt for the following week.

Jalopy picture: Early F1

Very early F1 (not formula 1).

Jalopy picture: Dinner and Dance celebrations

The days when everyone dressed up for the 'Dinner and Dance'.

Jalopy picture: F3D

Yet another number for Dave!

Jalopy picture: A very early 848F

John didn't conform to club colours!

Jalopy picture: 848F

A strong contestant - 848F - John Orpin's lady driver - Sue Walker.

Jalopy picture: Triumph with a Trophy

Colin Dally holds the David Dally memorial cup.. Colin is the Father of Philip Dally who supplied the pictures.

Jalopy picture: Granville with Trophy

Granville ready to present the trophy to Colin Dally.

Jalopy picture: A three car race

A Summers day. Racing at it's best. SV77 - George Thorpe. H20 Tony Griffith and SV2 - Richard Evans.

Jalopy picture: Tony - Trophy winner

Tony receiving trophy from Owen Davies. Neil Crump driving H20 for lap of honour.

Jalopy picture: Another lap of honour

Norman Grasby.Phil Barlow. Dave Cox and Tony Griffith.

Jalopy picture: Off the ground

Rough track?

Jalopy picture: Early racer.

Jalopy picture: Early racer 3

Jalopy picture: Early racer 5

Jalopy picture: Getting smaller!

Jalopy picture: Special!

Jalopy picture: H20

Jalopy picture: H20

Jalopy picture: H20

Jalopy picture: H20

Jalopy picture: Another trophy!

Jalopy picture: Battle with Neil Crump

Jalopy picture: P56 Len Attwell

P56 - as supplied by Tony Griffith.

Jalopy picture: Phil Collins

Rallying days - from the collection of Tony Griffith.

Jalopy picture: Proud trophy winner

Dinner and Dance - Trophy winner. Picture supplied by a very proud Daughter of Bob Boswell. Sharon Harris.

Jalopy picture: Pete Bott R105

Nationals battle with B88H

Jalopy picture: Ken S

Jalopy picture: Two experienced drivers!

Radford 2010. Mark Webber and Phil Dyke talking tactics.

Jalopy picture: 103F Withington

Another battle at Withington

Jalopy picture: Proud Trophy winner

Jalopy Queen - that's going back some years!! Evening meeting at Carmarthen where Terry won both Class and Open races.

Jalopy picture: Open meeting - Hereford

Terry overtaking on the outside - inside Henry Harding. A hard fought and exciting Class 9 race.

Jalopy picture: Proud Trophy winners

Roy Millington. Jack Watkins (Border Counties) Geoff Dalley (Severn Valley) and Terry Childs (Hereford). Radford 1977.

Jalopy picture: G2 Trophy presentation

The chap on the microphone looks like a well known DJ?. Ted Blackmore features over on the right hand side.

Jalopy picture: S20D

Dave raced this car for 10 years!

Jalopy picture: 18F


Jalopy picture: Mervyn Tout

This was taken in the mid 70's - though this car is still racing today with Stroud and District.

Jalopy picture: Early Ford Pop

1975 - Shirley and Trevors first car on the track

Jalopy picture: S31D

Trevor and Shirley's children were keen on the sport too, both Ian and Anita sporting a pair of overalls with Mum and Dad's number on. They both had a miniature car too.

Jalopy picture: Shirley Crandon

Vauxhall Viva HB. Class 3.

Jalopy picture: Trevor Crandon - 1983

1983.This was Trevor and Shirley's last racing car. A Class 7 Ford Fiesta, it had a Ford engine in the back with a Volkswagen gearbox.

Jalopy picture: Bob Clifford - Presentation

This picture was taken in 1966. Bill Jones presented Bob with The Best Novice Trophy.

Jalopy picture: Colin Jordan

Jalopy picture: Presentation in the very early years

A very early presentation - Ted Blackmore to the right.

Jalopy picture: H717 - John Williams

Jalopy picture: B40H

B40H from 1970.

Jalopy picture: B40H - Ford Engine

Another new car - 1973. This vehicle had a Ford V8 engine.

Jalopy picture: Eddies Career.

To sum up - Eddie Perry had a great time with his racing and in 1976 had both car and trophies together at the Finish flag!

Jalopy picture: S37D - Dave Allen

Super quality picture given to the site by John Orpin. A good crowd and retro cars in the background.

Jalopy picture: S36D - Mickey Mouse

S36D - Cliff Thompson.

Jalopy picture: 305F

305F - Phil Jones

Jalopy picture: 1968 Programme

Details taken from a 1968 programme of Severn Valley's race meeting at Longdon Nr Upton upon Severn. This appears to show that Phil Dyke shared the race car H58 with his father Bill Dyke who raced under the number H59 - which is the reason why there appears to be two different numbers on the Dyke mobile for that era.

Jalopy picture: T.Davis LA 9A

Results for Tom Davis found in the Western Valley report for 31/8/1969.

Jalopy picture: H717 - John Williams

Prize card - first place in 1968 at Stroud and Districts meeting.

Jalopy picture: Trophy Winners - late70's

Roy Millington BC, Jack Watkins BC, Geoff Dalley SV and Terry. Radford 1977. 1st year of racing for Terry.

Jalopy picture: Wet Start to the day

Hereford Race meeting - was a very wet start to the day!

Jalopy picture: Four winners

Radford 1977. Roy Millington BC. Jack Watkins BC. Geoff Dalley SV and Terry Childs H.

Jalopy picture: Andy Rouse - Trophies haul.

Very early G99D.

Jalopy picture: G77D and 848F

G77D Ken Galling and 848F - John Orpin.

Jalopy picture: 848F and 12F

848F does battle with 12F.

Jalopy picture: Phil Jones 305F

305F - Phil Jones cornering.

Jalopy picture: Up on two wheels

848F threatening for a roll over.

Jalopy picture: 1st ever racer!

John's first ever racing mini.

Jalopy picture: Mr Cooper

G26D doing battle - very little protection in this car!

Jalopy picture: SV33 - Alan Evans

Alan pictured on top of his racer after a very eventful race meeting at Hereford!

Jalopy picture: Fred Evans - in action

Fred - in action in G6D - pre Severn Valley days.

Jalopy picture: SV21 Richard Evans

A good low level picture of SV21. A good neat Special.

Jalopy picture: SV21 and a young enthusiast

From humble first trophy beginnings to a vast collection of Silverware and winners prizes. Watching over the family silver is Phillip Evans.

Jalopy picture: C54 Clive Styles

Jalopy picture: Friends

Steve with friends and family, in the pits. What a great picture of these early racing days and all the surrounding vehicles.

Jalopy picture: Waiting to race!

Steve Ferris waiting to be called to the line. A lovely clear picture of R303D Ralph Print alongside. The Early days of racing.

Jalopy picture: G2 mystery driver

Jalopy picture: G2 - lad at the wheel

Jalopy picture: Three in a row.

Ron doing battle with NS28 and S32.

Jalopy picture: 1972

This is Derrick's first Simca - built in 1972.

Jalopy picture: Mike Galling and Derrick Carless.

Mike Galling presenting Derrick with League trophies - 1980's.

Jalopy picture: Nationals champs.

Derrick winning the 1978 Nationals at Hanbury. Class 2.

Jalopy picture: Jill in B88H

B88H driven by Jill.

Jalopy picture: Haul of Trophies D.C

Many trophies won over the seasons.

Jalopy picture: A1  Derrick 2011

A1 in 2011.

Jalopy picture: Nick Aldridge

This write- up came from an Autograss publication supplied by Mark Webber.

Jalopy picture: Peggy Heeks/DaveFernihough

Peggy Heeks and Dave Fernihough.

Jalopy picture: The Forest Drivers.

Left to right: Lisa Overthrow. Sue Williams. John Williams. Beverley Taylor. John Hall. Maurice Williams. Unsure. Mike Priday. Barbara Priday. Steve Allen. John Orpin.

Jalopy picture: Underside of 6F

A brilliant 'Roll' moment captured! 6F John Williams rolling his 100E van.

Jalopy picture: S37D - Bounce!

S37D - Back wheels off the ground.

Jalopy picture: S37D - Roll

Dave was the first out of the car to push it back over! Taken at Stroud's track alongside the M5 motorway at Moreton Valence. Others involved are Forest of Dean members - John hall. Aubrey Godwin. Peter Baker and on the far right - Paul Bodenham.

Jalopy picture: John and G1D

Taken at one of the Stroud tracks - possibly Minchinhampton.

Jalopy picture: A young John Bevan

A young John doing some mechanicing.

Jalopy picture: Pushing it off the track

Chris getting a helping hand back to the pits.

Jalopy picture: Steve Archer R44

Steve looking a bit anxious! Spanner in hand. credits Roger Gee.

Jalopy picture: R399 - Dave Kings

R399 - Dave Kings. credits Roger Gee

Jalopy picture: Bill Allington and Mrs F?

Bill Allington receiving a trophy from Mrs Fernihough.

Jalopy picture: R30 - Terry Bodley

R30D - Terry Bodley. credits Roger Gee.

Jalopy picture: R48 - Pete Lancaster

R48 - a pretty high backed Special!

Jalopy picture: E100D - Jason Clark

Jalopy picture: B20H - Jason Clark

In the days of racing with Bredon Hill. Jason sits at the line with Fred Bishop as the 'line up' Marshall.

Jalopy picture: Les Clark and Dave Tate

Dave Tate with Les Clark. Trophy presentation.

Jalopy picture: E99 - Les Clark

Les Clark E99.

Jalopy picture: Racers together

Amanda Johnson supplied facebook with this picture - it is a mixed group including. Dave Collet, Charles Collet, Heulwen Brown, Terry Brown (Red overalls), possibly Jim Spencer, Dave or Hoss Fernihough. Terry Harbour.

Jalopy picture: Margaret Jordan

Margaret with her haul of trophies.

Jalopy picture: B75H

Must have been one of the best turned out Ford Pops on the race track. B75H.

Jalopy picture: P11 - Les Prior

P11 - Les with a change of number.

Jalopy picture: H032 Tony Over

Tony Over - a most colourful racer.

Jalopy picture: Leo and George DD

Leo and George Thorpe Dinner and Dance.

Jalopy picture: Bill Allsopp and Ken Galling

This picture was taken at the Gloucester League Presentations - late 70's. Bill Allsopp presented the prize and Trophy - the gentleman assisting was Bob Pickering.

Jalopy picture: Racing couple - Gay and John Watson

John and Gaynor with their trophies.

Jalopy picture: 87F - with damage.

Chris's beloved 87F with a certain degree of damage!

Jalopy picture: Chris and Mike Galling.

Chris receiving a Trophy from Mike Galling.

Jalopy picture: Car45 - 2

CAR 45 - Carmarthen car 45 - unnamed driver as yet.

Jalopy picture: H26_500

H26 - prototype Anglia.

Jalopy picture: H26a_500

H26 - The story continues with Clive Mapp.

Jalopy picture: H43 - Bill Limb

H43 - Retrograsser original picture. Bill Limb?

Jalopy picture: H150

Probably one of the most spectacular pictures to have ever been taken of Phil Dyke in action. Credits Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: H150 - Retrograsser.

H150 - a very wet day! credits Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: Dave Hill - Autobiography.

Dave Hill - A story.

Jalopy picture: Mr and Mr's Jones

An honour! credits M.W.

Jalopy picture: P9 - Garry Whitehouse

P9 - Simca Rallye. Garry always ran the Simca with the bootlid propped open. It was noted on the picture that the front wing on 103F is missing. Up until 1989 NASA rules allowed these to be removed.

Jalopy picture: Brenda and Ford Pop.

Newspaper article for Brenda's days of Secretarial work and driving.

Jalopy picture: Ron Haggett

Later racing years.

Jalopy picture: Bob Clifford and Jalopy Queen

Bob Clifford receiving a trophy from the reigning Jalopy Queen.

Jalopy picture: G27D - June Millard.

June G27D racing against G1D.

Jalopy picture: PAC27

Jalopy picture: PHD 16

PHD16 - Phillip Llewellyn - credits Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: Paul Pearce

Paul with his trophies and Linda? PHD26 - a force to be reckoned with.

Jalopy picture: H57 - Pete Brewer

H57 - Pete Brewer - Credits Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: NASA

Letter from NASA.

Jalopy picture: Alan Hopkins and Dave F.

Alan and Dave Fernihough. Dinner/Dance presentation.

Jalopy picture: SV103 - Jim Jones

SV103 - Jim Jones. Malcolm Pritchard in the background.

Jalopy picture: R35 - Dave Spiers

Watching the racing - a good vantage point.

Jalopy picture: SV4 Don Rhee.

R3D - Dave Cox. SV4 - Don Rhee/Mick Lane.

Jalopy picture: C125 - Terry Bass.

C125 - Terry Bass.

Jalopy picture: Terry.

Terry in a line up of National winners. Chris Tarrant presenting trophies. Don Jenkins.

Jalopy picture: Bredon Hill TOW

Jim Corbett heads the line up for the Tug Of War. credit Jason Clarke.

Jalopy picture: SV101 - Chris Tomlinson

SV101 Chris Tomlinson at Clehonger. credits Andy Jones

Jalopy picture: Margaret Jordan

Margaret Jordan - triumphant Trophy winner. Amanda can just be seen with the Monkey mascot.

Jalopy picture: Mick Morgan

C1 - at it's best.

Jalopy picture: H150 and C1

H150 and C1 Mick Morgan in a scrape.

Jalopy picture: One proud daughter.

Amanda Jordan - one proud Daughter.

Jalopy picture: More inspection!

Amanda doing a de-coke. Colin Jordan's daughter.

Jalopy picture: H111 - Junior Andy Jones

H111 - Mini - this was run in the Junior class by Andy Jones.

Jalopy picture: H71 - Andy Jones. Escort.

H71 - A colourful Hereford car. Escort.

Jalopy picture: Jim Jones SV103

SV103 - nice neat numbers.

Jalopy picture: SV103 - Engine inspection

SV103 - Engine interest!

Jalopy picture: C90 and R208

C90 - Trevor (Bomber) Harris and Martin Fernihough R208.

Jalopy picture: Les Clark and Terry Brown

Les Clark and Terry Brown.

Jalopy picture: Jack Watkins and Vince Jones.

Vince Jones and Jack Watkins - relaxing!

Jalopy picture: PHD63 - Mel Neale

Mel Neale - PHD63 from the collection belonging to Tony Baylis.

Jalopy picture: LA22 - Don Jenkins

LA22 - Don Jenkins - Cwmdu race meeting 1975. credits Tony Baylis.

Jalopy picture: Alan Lewis R71

R71 - Alan Lewis - provided by Tony Baylis.

Jalopy picture: R203 - SV77

R203 - Radford 1975. Picture taken by Tony Baylis of Brian Waterhouse and looks like SV77 - George Thorpe.

Jalopy picture: B52H Bill Locke and SV80

Jalopy picture: B52H - Bill Locke

B52H - Bill Locke - credits Tony Baylis

Jalopy picture: F3D - Dave Wiggins

F3D - Black and white print taken from a Jalopy news publication. Almost the same 'bouncing' position as the picture above but if you look closely at the background it's not the same meeting.

Jalopy picture: 104F - Rich Jeffries.

104F - A Special. This picture was taken from a 1979 publication.

Jalopy picture: 105F Rich Jeffires

105F - all 4 wheels on the ground.

Jalopy picture: Ron Stephens

Ron Stephens receiving a Second price at one of the Early Forest of Dean race meetings.

Jalopy picture: G40D - Maisemore

A wet meeting at Maisemore in 1964.

Jalopy picture: H717 - John Williams

This picture was placed on the Retrograsser Facebook page and I now recognise it as John Williams. This picture was submitted by Lee Tucker - Grandson of Merv Tucker and coincidentally has a 'home' connection with me as this was taken in Eastnor Park. Research through some Severn Valley minutes tells the story that this was on September 5th 1971 by kind permission of Major Hervey Bathurst. Having delved a bit deeper - the Internet has turfed up that the temperature for this day in 1971 was almost 23 degrees. The takings for the Ice Cream van was over £109.00!! Joe Fitzpatrick recalls driving to Eastnor for one race meeting and his Ford Zephyr (road car) boiled over on the journey.

Jalopy picture: E11D - Wheatley's.

E11D - supplied by Tony Farman

Jalopy picture: C100 - Malcolm Pritchard

A classic picture taken by Tony Baylis. C100 Malcolm Pritchard

Jalopy picture: B47H - Chris Waddup - Special

This is one of Chris in his Special. It was taken at one of the heats at the Midland League Open - probably late 80's.

Jalopy picture: Crunch - Les Clark.

Les Clark. An unfortunate crash on the fast Bredon Hill track saw the hospitalization of two of the most popular local Specials stars. Les Clark and Brian Jenkins tangled on the fast part of the circuit and both were rushed to hospital by the St. John crew. Brian was released with bruising and shock but 'Big Les' was less fortunate, suffering two broken legs. Lorry driver Les is a dedicated Autograss man, with a keen family - wife Ann and two children Jason and Mandy. This was his first year in Specials after four seasons in Saloons and the Rover V8 was severely wrecked at the front in the crash. Ralph Tustin.

Jalopy picture: Crash - 1968

Sadly, Gerald's career came to an end in this horrific crash which cut his racing career short. John Taysom and Derek Price examine the damage.

Jalopy picture: Trophies on a Mini bonnet

Gerald progressed to two trophies in 1961 and the tally of Prize cards (shown here on the bonnet) of yet another Classic car increased too.

Jalopy picture: 84 - No bonnet

Think Gerald must have been giving the car a decoke! Bonnet appears to be missing.

Jalopy picture: G200D - Graham Hooper.

Graham Hooper driving G200D - in approx. 1985.

Jalopy picture: B40H and B100H

B40H and B100H Dave Collett.

Jalopy picture: Certificate of Merit - 1968

Presented at Park Hall Ballroom - Wormelow 1969 for the 1968 racing season.

Jalopy picture: Boys at the Dinner.

Jalopy picture: Tony Smith - among the Chairman

Jalopy picture: Mike Evans

Mike Evans. Roger Wilesmith. John Orpin. John Phipps. Paul Bodenham. Tony smith. Roger Butwell. Les Farman.

Jalopy picture: Owen Price 1968

Park Hall, Wormelow. 1968. Left to Right: Ken Mason. David Field. Beryl Smith. Bob Pickering. Andy Rouse. Mrs F.Aldridge. Owen Price. Mary Lodge. Pete Murray. Ann Burnham. Mike Fishpool. This picture was taken in 1968 with Pete Murray presenting the Trophies and Mary Lodge given the honour of being Miss Jalopy Queen.

Jalopy picture: Andy Lee

1986 League Presentation - Gloucester members. Back Row: Graham Hooper. Phil Kent. Darren Byard. Second row: Mike Fishpool. Pauline Kent. Penny Morris. Graham Vaughan. Front row: Teresa Hooper (Price). Andy Lee. Dennis Morris. Karen Fishpool. Steven Fishpool.

Jalopy picture: Pauline Kent

Phil and Pauline Kent at the 1986 League Presentation for Gloucester Members.

Jalopy picture: S202D - Pete Bott

S202D - Class 1 Mini. (well - new mini shape!!) Pete raced this in 2012.

Jalopy picture: Certificate of Merit 1969 (2)

Certificate of Merit - Prizes presented by Miss S.Parry - Jalopy Queen 1969.

Jalopy picture: S22D - Martin Anns

S22D - Martin Anns.

Jalopy picture: Roy Mcdonaugh

This came from Keith Fraser's collection of pictures on Facebook. Roy McDonaugh and his wife.

Jalopy picture: H717 and B144H

H717 - John 'Trubloc' Williams on the left outside. Terry Harber parked next to H717. this was again taken at Eastnor Park Sept 5th 1971 - one of the hottest days on record in that September at 20 degrees.

Jalopy picture: Jalopy Racing - Rod Ryder

A Newspaper write up supplied by Frank Tippins.

Jalopy picture: Original Newspaper report

Newspaper article on Rod Ryder's race history.

Jalopy picture: A newer H15 - with Paul Bailey.

Alan heads of Paul Bailey in the Mini!

Jalopy picture: Rob Collins and Clive Mapp H26

Amongst the group of Hereford boys - Rob Collins and Clive Mapp.

Jalopy picture: BC79.

BC79 - Facing the wrong way!

Jalopy picture: BC69 - Yorkshire.

Bruce Campbell.

Jalopy picture: Dave Hill. Gerald Weaver and Brian

Gerald Weaver. Nationals winner in 1978. With Dave Hill and Brian Robbins. Stirling Moss was the Master of Ceremonies for this years Nationals.

Jalopy picture: H150

The ever changing vehicles of Phil Dyke. H150.

Jalopy picture: H99 - Paul Bailey.

H99 - from the collection of Dave Buckley.

Jalopy picture: SV1 - Leo Weager

Cecil and Tiny Wood were great followers over the years of racing. This is Cecil Wood seated on the rear wheel of SV1 - Leo's Special.

Jalopy picture: SV1

Leo - in a smaller version of SV1.

Jalopy picture: H27 Brian Robbins

H27. Brian Robbins

Jalopy picture: R4D - Neville Spiers

R4D - Saloon. Neville Spiers.

Jalopy picture: E99 - Les Clark

Les Clark - A very tall man.

Jalopy picture: Forest of Dean members

Gerald Green. John Hall. Jane Jones. John Martin.

Jalopy picture: Eamon McGurk

Paul Townsend. Eamon McGurk. Mrs McGurk. Christine and Cyril Powell (non racers). Dilys Townsend.

Jalopy picture: Alex Buckland

Jalopy picture: Tinkering

Melvin drove for the Forest of Dean Club. the vehicle was an Austin 16. Raced between the years of 1964 - 1966.

Jalopy picture: Away from the line!

Jalopy picture: E10D

This car belonged to Dave Taylor and Bill Webb - they were mechanics to Ted Wheatley. On the left Ted Wheatley, middle - Dave Taylor and sat on the roof - Phillip Taylor (Son of Dave). In the background is E11D.

Jalopy picture: A group effort!

The running of P38 was a three way partnership. From left to right in the picture is Eddie Bolas, Brian Lovey and David Taylor - with a female follower.

Jalopy picture: George Thorpe SV77

Think the young lad to the right of the car is Lionel Weager or Martin (with ice cream).

Jalopy picture: S32D - Spam

Another trophy for the fella.

Jalopy picture: Gerry Jackson

Gerry enjoying a sunny race day with his Sister . Children are Chris and Cath.

Jalopy picture: H15 and S32D

'Spam' chasing H15 Alan Thomas at Hereford's Withington track.

Jalopy picture: S32D and NW50

Nationals 1985.

Jalopy picture: S270 - rear

1984 W.A.S.A Open

Jalopy picture: Action at Hereford

Gerald Brace leading a dusty race at Withington Hereford - 1984.

Jalopy picture: S32D

This picture was taken at Norton Radstock approx. 1980. Others in picture: 'Spams' girlfriend. Sue Olssen (girlfriend's sister). Little blonde boy at the front is Phil Olssen who also got the bug for Autograssing - he started his racing days with Bredon Hill but now races with Carmarthen - CM27. The white car parked alongside is Roy McDonagh's P32.

Jalopy picture: Proud Trophy winner

Trophy being received by Terry Childs from Bill Maynard. Yorkshire Nationals 1979.

Jalopy picture: Phil Dyke - Trophy presentation

Presentations always drew the capacity crowd - especially when there was someone special presenting the trophy - in this case Chris Tarrant of Tiswas days. Chris attended the 1978 Nationals at Hanbury Raceway in his capacity as A.T.V's star of Saturday Morning Show host on Tiswas.. and for your old money A.T.V. was Associated Television prior to ITV.

Jalopy picture: Geoff and Gwen

Geoff and Gwen.

Jalopy picture: W16 - Norman Evans

W16 - Norman Evans taken at Radford in approx. 1971. Severn Valley car behind. Note the Marshalls dressed in their whie overalls.

Jalopy picture: Teenage Reg

The old trusty Ford Pop.

Jalopy picture: Another lap

B6H - John Dawe leads SV111 Mick Haines. S20D Dave Gardiner is fixed firmly to the back of Dick Gittings SV43.

Jalopy picture: 1970- Trophy presentation

Mervyn receiving a Trophy from Norman Hupton. Lady in the background is Diane Bevan - she is the daughter of Bill Allsopp.

Jalopy picture: Ted Wheatley B57H

This picture was taken in 1969. Ted Wheatley seen tinkering with the car in the Red top. Alan standing to the extreme left of the picture.

Jalopy picture: Trophy winner - 1967

The Park Hall Ballroom - Wormelow. David Field receiving a trophy from Pete Murray in 1967.

Jalopy picture: Battle with 51F

Taken in 1966 at Alveston Show. 51F Colin Burnham leading. William was driving in the under 1200cc specials.

Jalopy picture: Penhow's Roy McDonagh and PHD22 Don Jenkins

Penhow's Roy McDonagh and PHD22 Don Jenkins.

Jalopy picture: Lotus twin cam powered Triumph Spitfire

A Lotus twin cam powered Triumph Spitfire using an S type LSD back axle driven by Mark Cope of the 'Copes of Earlswood' stable. Thanks to Rob Bagley of Raceshots.com for the info

Jalopy picture: Penhow's Roy McDonagh and PHD22 Don Jenkins

Penhow's Roy McDonagh and PHD22 Don Jenkins.

Jalopy picture: BS11 Rob Crone

BS11 Rob Crone collects his fourth place trophy at the 75 Nationals whilst the winning mini of Weymouth racer Dave Rolls' sits in the background

Jalopy picture: G2


Jalopy picture: Penhow's Roy McDonagh and PHD22 Don Jenkins

Penhow's Roy McDonagh and PHD22 Don Jenkins.

Jalopy picture: Geoff Dalley in action

Jalopy picture: Geoff Dalley - Trophies


Jalopy picture: The Beatle

Jalopy picture: The Special

Jalopy picture: PHD Rose Bowl - Roy Sanger

The Rose Bowl Trophy meeting 1974/1975. Snooty Fox track? The haul of trophies - on the roof of H10 - The Sanger racer. Left of pic Dave Fernihough,poss Chairman of PHD Gordon Harries?, Roy Sanger, Radford Driver?, Foreground - Tony Griffiths.

Jalopy picture: C 10 - Mark 1

Bare chassis, welding completed and frame completed ready for re-assembly. C10 Mark 1

Jalopy picture: Ready to go!

1650 pre crossflow Ford Engine. C10 Mark 1

Jalopy picture: H10

A Roy Sanger build - Dave Sanger driving. H10 - Club change!

Jalopy picture: Dinner and Dance

Geoff and Gwen Dalley Dinner and Dance - late 60's

Jalopy picture: Trophy presentation

Trophy presentation PHD65 Elwyn Rossiter. B117H Martin Jones.

Jalopy picture: Not allowed to race?

Colour discrepancy - officials not impressed.

Jalopy picture: Phil Dyke

Discussing race tactics with Geoff Dalley.

Jalopy picture: R209

Taken from Jalopy journal - 1973 1st Edition.

Jalopy picture: H55

Jalopy picture: SV8 Glyn Williams

SV8 Glyn Williams leads SV80 - Geoff Dalley. Picture supplied from Tiny Wood's collection. This must have been taken in approx. 1965/1966 as this was Dad's first car.

Jalopy picture: Dick Gittings

Trophy presentation evening - Prince of Wales at Corse.

Jalopy picture: Mr Ken Hammond

Mr Ken Hammond - older - but wiser!

Jalopy picture: Trophy winners

Trophy presentation evening: Kindly supplied by Mr Don Page Left to right: Martin Fernihough,Margaret Liddiatt, Roy McDonagh, Len Attwell, Tony Beaumont, 'Wimpy' Walker, Sally Fernihough, Ken Hammond, Geoff Dalley, Eileen Evans, Dave Fernihough, Norman Evans, Steve Holmes, Don Page, unsure, unsure.

Jalopy picture: Don Page and Bruce Campbell

Don giving Bruce Campbell some advice.

Jalopy picture: Margaret Liddiatt - Trophy evening

Lady driver - Margaret Liddiatt

Jalopy picture: Geoff Dalley - Trophy winner

Geoff Dalley - Trophy presentation

Jalopy picture: Russ Tyler

Russell Tyler taking the trophy from Jackie Charlton.

Jalopy picture: W19

A real early special - W19.

Jalopy picture: Mark Webber and John Webber

Father and Son with the current SV81.

Jalopy picture: SV80 - Ready to go home

Not going very far! Hampton Bishop

Jalopy picture: Mr Mick Stanley

Jalopy picture: Ey! Up!

Jalopy picture: BC96

Jalopy picture: BC69 - six wheeler

Six wheeled version of BC69

Jalopy picture: BC69

As time went on the cars got closer to the ground! BC01 and R101.

Jalopy picture: BC89

Jalopy picture: C031

Ken Over?

Jalopy picture: C1 - Mick Morgan

Jalopy picture: C6 Peter Collins

C6 Peter Collins and C77 Geoff Pillinger do battle together.

Jalopy picture: Ken in a scrape!

Oh Dear!

Jalopy picture: C1 - Mick Morgan

Jalopy picture: Wendy Stanley

Having a tussle with Jill Haines SV111

Jalopy picture: 105F and 38F

38F and 105F do battle.

Jalopy picture: Smart suit! Geoff

Trophy presentation with Mr George Thorpe. Harry Badger to left of Geoff.

Jalopy picture: PAC 40

Jalopy picture: Les Wall

Autograss Journal

Jalopy picture: J.T and Greg Morgan

Trophy presentation.

Jalopy picture: H250 - Dyke's

Poss - Phil driving.?

Jalopy picture: H3 - Martin Bowen

Jalopy picture: Russ Tyler

Russ would very casually discard his wooden leg overboard before a race!

Jalopy picture: H15 - Allan Thomas

Jalopy picture: H15 - Allan Thomas

H15 out in the lead - looks like H44 of H14 - Neil Crump running alongside!

Jalopy picture: Penhow 1968

This was taken from the 1968 Severn Valley Programme for the Battle of Britain week race meeting at Longdon Nr. Upton upon Severn.

Jalopy picture: SV77

West Midland Personality of the month - Jalopy journal 1973

Jalopy picture: PHD 3 - Mel Neale

PHD 3 - from Paul Pearce's collection.

Jalopy picture: SV77 - Mother and daughter.

Hampton Bishop

Jalopy picture: SV81 - Mark Webber

Jalopy picture: SV81 - Mark Webber

Jalopy picture: SV6 with Tony Clifford driving

Jalopy picture: SV15 - Don Rhee and Chuck Higham

Doing battle with the Radford Boys. R3D - Dave Cox.

Jalopy picture: SV77 - Colin Shail

A modern SV77 - George Thorpe's number lives on.

Jalopy picture: SV81 in battle with BC73

Jalopy picture: G77D - Ken Galling

Taken from Jalopy Journal - 2nd Edition 1974

Jalopy picture: C33 - Don Page

Taken from Jalopy Journal - 2nd Edition 1974

Jalopy picture: Dave Fernihough and Bryan Waterhouse

Picture from: Autograss Journal 6th Edition 1975 - 15p. Dave Fernihough and Bryan Waterhouse.

Jalopy picture: B52H - Bill Locke

Jalopy picture: R209 - Dave Fernihough

Jalopy picture: Hubert Jones - PAC10

Jalopy picture: Roger Wilesmith

Jalopy picture: W18 and S38D

Picture taken from Jalopy Journal - 1974.

Jalopy picture: 107F - Graham Hill

Jalopy picture: Jane and Colin

Jalopy picture: Jen Weager - Trophy presentation

Jen presented with a token of appreciation by Bill Houlbrooke - Landowner of the Colwall area where Severn Valley had several race meetings.

Jalopy picture: Ladies who did!

Steve from the Red Cross presenting Jen with a bouquet - race meetings wouldn't have gone ahead without the joint ventures of the ladies.

Jalopy picture: Trophy winner

George presenting Leo with a trophy at Severn Valley Dinner Ross?

Jalopy picture: Dad's car!

Margaret Liddiat - lady driver and Leo Weager SV1

Jalopy picture: 4 views of SV1

Young lads looking on - Mr Mark Webber and Mr Christopher Webber.

Jalopy picture: Jill Carless

Mike Galling presenting Jill with Ladies and League Champion Trophy in the 1980's.

Jalopy picture: Glyn Morris G23D

Presentation from Pete Murray and Miss Jalopy Queen.

Jalopy picture: Trophy Presentation Wormelow

Miss Jalopy Queen 1967 - Wormelow Hereford

Jalopy picture: P25 - Neil Taylor

P25 Neil Taylor - track unknown

Jalopy picture: Out on the track for presentation

A group of class winners! Left to right: 'Furry fungus face Fred' Geoff Dalley (in front of ambulance) Harry Badger, Phyl Dyke - drinking out of cup. Dave Fernihough. Les Wall. Dave Sanger. Looks like the big class! Drivers sat on R105.

Jalopy picture: P25 - Neil Taylor

This car appears to be closer to the ground! A good sunny days racing and a good dry track.

Jalopy picture: H717

This picture was also supplied by Jacob Williams. John's number was always 717. It is beleived that he carried this number through from Thomas Chapel days to Hereford to PHD. It is believed that John's eldest son Jonathon also raced under the number 717. Jacob remembers that his father mentioned that he had been British Champion during his racing career and there are several trophies that were awarded to John. Jonathon continued his racing career until the late eighties/early nineties. This has now been discovered to be taken at Eastnor Park in 1971. A very hot September day.

Jalopy picture: G77D

Jalopy picture: Len Attwell

Jalopy picture: 2010 - Still racing

Forest of Dean meeting 2010. Class 2 Nova.

Jalopy picture: 38F Fran Coleman

This Jalopy was made from an Allard sports car, the Flat Head V8 engine overheated badly, so a V8 - from an American truck was fitted with a Jaguar gearbox. Tractor tyres all round. 105F chasing was an early Rod Ryder vehicle.

Jalopy picture: Ford Pop

Jalopy picture: Dizzy Towson

F1 1972.

Jalopy picture: 305F in action

Speed at it's best! 305F

Jalopy picture: Hot summers day

Having a break in racing!

Jalopy picture: F2 Keith Iles

Slightly side on - following G17D

Jalopy picture: Danny Walker

1966 - Danny Walker stood by John Orpin's Ford Pop - fantastic picture! A very early jalopy

Jalopy picture: 848F

1966 -Sue Walker stood next to the 'Old Pop'.

Jalopy picture: Colin Dally

Colin Dally - driver of P49 - in the early days of Jalopy racing.

Jalopy picture: Trophy presentation

Granville Cottle and Colin Dally. Granville is receiving the trophy of the David Dally memorial cup having won the very first race since it's commission.

Jalopy picture: Granville Cottle

Jalopy picture: Purple and Yellow H20 and H10

In the pits

Jalopy picture: Between races - the picnic.

The boys and the girls.

Jalopy picture: Roy Sanger

Roy presenting a trophy to ?

Jalopy picture: Dinner and Dance

Tony and Wendy with presentation gifts.

Jalopy picture: Canvas Bonnet

Canvas bonnet.

Jalopy picture: Early Racer2

Jalopy picture: Early racer 4

Jalopy picture: Early Racer 6

Jalopy picture: Low to the ground

Jalopy picture: Talking tactics

Jalopy picture: H20

Jalopy picture: H20

Jalopy picture: H20

Jalopy picture: Tony

Jalopy picture: All trailered and ready to go.

Jalopy picture: H20 and H14

Neil and Tony doing battle.

Jalopy picture: R209

R209. David Fernihough.

Jalopy picture: Tiniest Trophy

It may be only a small trophy - but still a proud winner!

Jalopy picture: C777 Melvyn Jenkins

Melvyn Jenkins and E306Ddo battle at the Nationals.

Jalopy picture: Grasshopper on a very dull day.

Year unknown - Len Attwell having a very lonely race!

Jalopy picture: Emmund 103F

Withington 1970's.

Jalopy picture: C and all the ones

Bloomin big car!

Jalopy picture: Mounted!

S20D Dave Gardiner hitching a lift with Dick Gittings SV43 - hot on the heels of Mick Haines SV111.

Jalopy picture: Relaxing between races.

Jenny Thompson and Dorothy Tout sat on B35H - Mervyn's car.

Jalopy picture: S31D

Second car driven by Shirley and Trevor - A Bedford Beagle van

Jalopy picture: S31D on the Drive

Vauxhall Viva waiting for it's outing!

Jalopy picture: S31D - Shirley

A Colour picture of Shirley Crandon putting S31D through it's paces.

Jalopy picture: S31D - Class 9

Class 9 Special. 1500cc Ford Engine.

Jalopy picture: S31D - Stuck!

S31D entangled with NA3 - Somewhere in there is the fourth wheel!

Jalopy picture: W16 Norman Evans

W16 Norman Evans with the next heat waiting in line.

Jalopy picture: B40H - Ex Stock car

B40H - Eddie Perry - this dates back to 1970. It was an ex. Stock car with a Jaguar 4.2 engine - it was later sold to Ron Granger. Barbara Perry is stood alongside.

Jalopy picture: Ready for Sunday

Eddie Perry - ex Rod Ryder.

Jalopy picture: Eddie and Terry

Eddies 1974 Volvo with Terry Harbour offering advice.

Jalopy picture: B40H - Improved.

Having decided that the V8 was not powerful enough, it was changed for a Buick Wildcat.

Jalopy picture: Even the children didn't miss out!

This car is a miniature version of the bigger version - but was also built with the intentional use of push starting the big one!

Jalopy picture: John Orpin 848F

It went through scrutineering fine.

Jalopy picture: Rough and tumble

Phil in the middle of a scrap for positions.

Jalopy picture: Gerry Jackson - 1969

Battle of Britain race meeting 1969. Severn Valley race meeting September 1969.

Jalopy picture: G34D Bob Clifford and Eddy Brock

G34D Bob Clifford first ever racer shared with Eddy Brock. this picture is from 1965. Pictured in the car is Bob with his son Gary and Ray and Barbara Brock. Original picture supplied by Bob Clifford.

Jalopy picture: E19D

This was taken by Dave Buckley - Yorkshire racing photographer.

Jalopy picture: Michael Harris

A very early racer. 17F - Michael Harris.

Jalopy picture: Race report

Another amazing find - a very early report from the days of the Thomas Chapel Club. So grateful that these items have been held on to over the years!

Jalopy picture: Rally to Jalopy Trophy winner

Terry - winner of Class 9 at the Nationals - Tenby 1980. John Taylor - European Rallycross Champion as Master of ceremonies.

Jalopy picture: H84 - Tidy Special

H84 - A tidy Special.

Jalopy picture: Four Trophy winners

Radford 1977. Roy Millington BC. Jack Watkins BC.Geoff Dalley SV and Terry Childs H.

Jalopy picture: SV80 and G99D

A line up of heavy machinery. SV80 - inside line. G1D and G99D andy Rouse - possible R3D in the background.

Jalopy picture: July 1980

This was taken in July 1980 as John skates on a very wet track.

Jalopy picture: Mini pick up.

A very wet track - Rich Jeffries making the mud fly.

Jalopy picture: 34F - Ray Brock

34F behind W18S.

Jalopy picture: 848F

One of the many designs in the Orpin garage.

Jalopy picture: Airborne again!

Don't know if this driver ever had all four wheels on the ground!

Jalopy picture: G26D

Jalopy picture: Norman Cooper

Norman Cooper features in this picture - (to the right of the shield.)

Jalopy picture: SV2

A very young enthusiast sits on his Dads car. David Evans - son of Richard Evans.

Jalopy picture: SV2 in action

SV2 being driven by Richard Evans.

Jalopy picture: Margaret Evans

Margaret stood by the trailer.

Jalopy picture: SV21 - trophy haul

The bonnet full of trophies on Richard Evans special SV21.

Jalopy picture: Flowers for the Chairmans wife.

Margaret with her bouquet of flowers at the Dinner and Dance - might be the Wye Hotel. Looks like Christine Webber looking on.

Jalopy picture: R209a

Jalopy picture: R100D Hillman Imp

Steve driving his Hillman Imp to the line.

Jalopy picture: R117 Arthur Rogers

Back in the pits after racing - Art Rogers R117.

Jalopy picture: R303D and R100D

Picture supplied by Wendy Ferris. R303D Ralph Print's car alongside R100D Steve Ferris.

Jalopy picture: G2 Trophies galore

Jalopy picture: G2 mystery driver

Jalopy picture: G2 - lad at the wheel

Jalopy picture: B169H - Ron Garrett


Jalopy picture: A modern B169H

A right up to date B169H - showing progression of racing through the years and Ron's still going!

Jalopy picture: Nationals - Pembry Wales.

Derrick driving their Simca at Pembry at the Nationals. Class 2 winner.

Jalopy picture: Jill - haul of Trophies.

Jill with her haul of trophies.

Jalopy picture: Derrick sat in A1.

Derrick Carles seated in A1 this is from the racing days with the Athelstan club. Class 7 Escort.

Jalopy picture: Derrick in the dust

Derrick A1 in 2011.

Jalopy picture: Nick Aldridge

S5D in action - a neat Special.

Jalopy picture: Tom Mills B45H

Tom Mills's first Special and some of the Trophies he won. This was a 1300cc Special which was later sold to Gerald Brace.

Jalopy picture: Bill Alsopp with the Dello.

Barry Brookes seated in the car that he and Bill shared in the mid 60's. Taken in 1965. G8D. Originally a Dello Sports car. Racing with a Supercharged Ford Side Valve engine. Bill was 56 when he started racing. Diane (Bill's daughter) was a keen follower of the sports - seen seated alongside the car with her Dad.

Jalopy picture: R45D - Chucking up the dust.

Jalopy picture: R45D - Roger Gee Special

Roger with the Special.

Jalopy picture: R333 - Special

R333 - Super Special Special. credits Nigel.

Jalopy picture: Roger Gee - Special

Roger Gee driving his Special leading E

Jalopy picture: Roger Gee - BW Special

Roger Gee - flying round the track in the Special bought from Tony Griffiths H20 - of the Hereford club.

Jalopy picture: R44 - Steve Archer Special

R44 and R393 Trevor Johnson.

Jalopy picture: R209 - DF

This car driven by Dave was previously belonging to Leo Weager SV1.

Jalopy picture: R209

R209 and R133.

Jalopy picture: Leo Weager and Steve Holmes

Leo receiving a trophy from Steve Holmes.

Jalopy picture: Dave Tate and Les Clark

Les Clark and Dave Tate. Trophy presentation.

Jalopy picture: E99 - Special

Jason Clark driving E99.

Jalopy picture: Les Clark and Lee Lebrun

Trophy presentation with Lee Lebrun and Les Clark.

Jalopy picture: B144H - Terry Harber

B144H - Terry Harber - pretty early days of racing.

Jalopy picture: B75 and B74H

Lined up to go!

Jalopy picture: Fred Bishop - Line Marshal

Line up Marshall - Fred Bishop.

Jalopy picture: B14H - Peter Harber

B14H - Pete Harber.

Jalopy picture: P96 - Les Prior

Les Prior - P96. MOT failure! A bit too much rust in the sills.!!

Jalopy picture: Tony Over Class 9

Jalopy picture: H032 - Tony Over

Tony in Hellsapopin.

Jalopy picture: A young Harry Badger

R115D - a very early Harry Badger racer.

Jalopy picture: Leo and Dave Fernihough

Leo being presented with a trophy by a very young looking Dave Fernihough.

Jalopy picture: Wimpey Walker made the papers.

A newspaper report describing how 'cheap' jalopy racing could be to the 'ordinary working man's pocket'!

Jalopy picture: Glos League Title winners

Ray Brock. 34F. Sue Davies. Gay and John Watson. S14D. Merv Dawe 10F. Jane Jones 305F. Gill and and Alan Bird B96H.

Jalopy picture: Gill and Alan Bird

1979 Prizewinners. Ray Brock. Sue Davies. Gay and John Watson.Merv Dawe. Jane Jones. Gill and Alan Bird.

Jalopy picture: 87F and a bonnet full of trophies

It may not have been one of the prettiest cars - but it certainly got ahead.

Jalopy picture: Crunch

Jalopy picture: H26 - The story.

H26 - the Story.

Jalopy picture: H150 - Phil Dyke.

H150 - Phil Dyke - credits Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: H999 - Dave Hill

Dave Hill being presented by John ?

Jalopy picture: C88 Bob Dales

Class 2 Morris Minor. Taken at a meeting in 1978 at Shirenewton, (Penhow race meeting). 103F in the centre BS7 - Phil Goodenough. P9 - Garry Whitehouse. (This has been taken from a 1980's publication).

Jalopy picture: Ken Hammond

A story of Ken's career (shortened version).

Jalopy picture: Ron and Steven Haggett.

Father and Son.

Jalopy picture: June - racing.

June - giving it a good go on the track.

Jalopy picture: PAC10

PAC10 - loads of trophies.

Jalopy picture: PHD 1

PHD1 - credits Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: PHD41

Originally sent to Retrograsser. Credits Ian Fraser and Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: PHD27

Credits Retrograsser.

Jalopy picture: Alan and John

Alan and John's first season of racing and the spoils of winning!

Jalopy picture: 87F - Chris Lane - damage

Slight damage to the wing - love the Capri in the background.

Jalopy picture: Terry Childs

H26 - a nice neat Special.

Jalopy picture: H26 - Terry Childs.

H26 - a tidy line.

Jalopy picture: Richard. John. Geoff.

Richard Evans. John Gwynne and Geoff Dalley. Richard was the outgoing Chairman. I remember my Dad was Master of Ceremonies this year.

Jalopy picture: R228 - Jim

R228 - possibly Jim Richardson

Jalopy picture: SV15 - Chuck Higham

SV15 - on the far side - in contention for a decent finish position.

Jalopy picture: Tenby

Hereford Club - victorious Trophy winners.

Jalopy picture: C999 T.C. Special

C999 - another angle of this tidy Special.

Jalopy picture: Jason Clark

A young keen racer. Jason Clark.

Jalopy picture: SV100 and SV101

SV101 - Chris Tomlinson with SV100 Neil Jones and Jim Jones SV103.

Jalopy picture: Andy Jones SV103

A young Andy sits on the bonnet of Dad's car. Jim Jones SV103.

Jalopy picture: Les Kellett - Wrestler

Margaret Jordan with colin Jordan on the Champions podium. Les Kellett - wrestler having presented the Trophies. Not sure if this is BH days or Evesham? Pat Grainger stood alongside Margaret.

Jalopy picture: 2F - Keith Illes

Jalopy picture: C1 Mick Morgan

C1 - another great race pic of Mick Morgan.

Jalopy picture: C1 - Mick Morgan

C1 Mick Morgan - love the miniature overalls.

Jalopy picture: C1 Mick Morgan.

C1 - another superb picture of Mogsy.

Jalopy picture: H71 - Andy Jones

H71 - Andy Jones - son of Jim Jones SV103.

Jalopy picture: Amanda Jordan

Young Amanda inspecting the car before Sunday's Race.

Jalopy picture: H71 - Mini

Class 6 mini of Andy Jones. H71

Jalopy picture: Jenny Weager

Jenny and Leo at Dinner and Dance. Ross.

Jalopy picture: SV103 - Jim Jones

SV103 - one engine shot!

Jalopy picture: Open event SV103

SV103 - in action.

Jalopy picture: R208 and C90

C90 Trevor Harris - leading R208 Martin Fernihough.

Jalopy picture: John Hartles R167

Kindly supplied by Steve Hartles in memory of his Dad John and his years of enjoyment of the sport.

Jalopy picture: Terry Brown TA44


Jalopy picture: SV29 - Tony Liddiatt

A very early picture of one of Tony Liddiatts first racers - back in the day of the Goytre club. SV29 - over to the far right. thanks to Richard Evans for the information. Volkswagen based Special.

Jalopy picture: H10 - Sanger brothers

A keen photographer - this is an early picture of H10 (plus others) taken by Tony Baylis. C4 Peter Collins following Dave.

Jalopy picture: R30 and H49

R30 and H49. Terry Bodley leading Martin Griffiths? From the collection of Tony Baylis.

Jalopy picture: H49 and R30.

From the collection of Tony Baylis. H49 Martin doing battle with Terry Bodley R30.

Jalopy picture: H150 - Phil Dyke.

H150 - Phil Dyke. credits Tony Baylis.

Jalopy picture: B45H

B45H on the line with S20D - credits to Tony Baylis.

Jalopy picture: LA22 - Don Jenkins


Jalopy picture: R209 - Dave Fernihough

1975 - Radford Race track. credits Tony Baylis. Dave Fernihough R209.

Jalopy picture: R203 - Brian Waterhouse

Credits Tony Baylis.

Jalopy picture: 6F - Dave Wiggins

6F - another black and white print taken from one of the Jalopy racing publications.

Jalopy picture: 105F - Rich Jeffries

From a 1979 publication - profile of a driver.

Jalopy picture: Funeral Announcement

Death announcement of Mike Lancett. November 2013.

Jalopy picture: H717 John Trubloc Williams

H717 - John Trubloc Williams riding on the rear of his car. Eastnor Park September 1971.

Jalopy picture: John Williams - Eastnor Park

A colourful line up including B44H and H717 - John Williams - taken at Eastnor Park September 1971.

Jalopy picture: PHD100 Gordon Edwards

Jalopy picture: H74 - Colin Cooke

Jalopy picture: CD19 - Dick Brew

CD19 - in flight. Paul Huggett collection

Jalopy picture: Slight front end realignment.

Gerald told me the story that he had had an accident in SV84 at the race meeting on the day previous and this was how the car looked for the following days racing - such was the desire to drive. SV84 mended but not quite pretty again.

Jalopy picture: The Mini and the Prizes

At least 8 Firsts. Two trophies and additional prize cards adorn Gerald's Mini. Amazing that he drove such a large Jalopy but his road car was so small!

Jalopy picture: G.R. June Millard

Gerald Rogers. unknown. June Millard. unknown. I beleive this to be Quedgley. A newspaper cutting was supplied by Penny Millard with the details on. Unsure of the year.

Jalopy picture: Andy Lee - Presentation

Andy Lee being presented with his Trophy by Brian Jenkins.

Jalopy picture: G103D and G22D

G22D Owen Price chasing Glynn Davies G103D.

Jalopy picture: G13D - Phil Kent

G13D - Phil Kent.

Jalopy picture: C888 - Peter Williams

Jalopy picture: Roger Wilesmith

Jalopy picture: Roger Butwell

Back Row: Mike Evans - Bredon Hill Club. Roger Wilesmith - Bredon Hill Club. John Orpin - Forest of Dean. Front Row: John Phipps - Stroud Club. Paul Bodenham - forest of Dean. Tony Smith - Gloucester and District. Roger Butwell - Bredon Hill club. Les Farman - Evesham and District.

Jalopy picture: John Phipps

A line up of Chairman - including John Phipps.

Jalopy picture: 1968

Left to Right: Ken Mason. David Field. Beryl Smith. Bob Pickering. Andy Rouse. Mrs F. Aldridge. Owen Price. Mary Lodge. Pete Murray (TV Presenter). Ann Burnham. Mike Fishpool. This was taken in 1968 at Park Hall Ballroom, Wormelow. Mary Lodge was Miss Jalopy Queen for 1968.

Jalopy picture: Mike Fishpool - 1968

Jalopy picture: 1986 - League presentation.

Teresa Price (Hooper). Mike Fishpool. Graham Hooper. Andy Lee. Pauline Kent. Penny Morris. Dennis Morris. Phil Kent. Graham Vaughan. Darren Byard. Karen Fishpool. Steven Fishpool.

Jalopy picture: Pete Bott

Pete Bott raced this car throughout the 2000's seasons. It was known as 'The Beast'.

Jalopy picture: Certificate of Merit 1969

Jalopy picture: S34D Dave Williams

S34D - Dave Williams doing battle with Tommy Mills S10D.

Jalopy picture: G27D - Dennis Morris

G27D - Dennis Morris Special.

Jalopy picture: E19D - Lee Lebrun BW

E19D - Lee Lebrun

Jalopy picture: Martin Payton

From Keith Frasers collection. Roy McDonaugh and his wife Brenda. Martin Payton and Terry Saunders.

Jalopy picture: B144H - Terry Harber

B144H - Terry Harber waiting to go out on the line with H717 John 'Trubloc' Williams in front. This was taken in Eastnor Park in about 1971.

Jalopy picture: Protest.

This is a copy of the original Newspaper article that appeared in the paper in June 1964.

Jalopy picture: B228H J.Y.

Jalopy picture: H15 at Ludlow.

Alan doing battle with a Brisbane motor..

Jalopy picture: Terry Saunders

Terry Saunders H45 heads of Alan Thomas H15.

Jalopy picture: H33 - John Collins

The Collins corner. H33 - John, H26 - Rob and H21 - Phil - amongst the Hereford boys.

Jalopy picture: BC79 - Ivor D.

BC79. Nationals.

Jalopy picture: BC79. Yorkshire.


Jalopy picture: Bruce Campbell

BC69 - Bruce Campbell.

Jalopy picture: 1978 - Hanbury Nationals

Dave Hill. Gerald Weaver and Brian Robbins. Three Hereford winners. Hanbury Nationals 1978.

Jalopy picture: SV7 - Leo Weager.

Leo driving SV7 - in the very early days of racing.

Jalopy picture: SV1 - Leo

SV1 - later sold to Dave Fernihough.

Jalopy picture: SV1 - Leo Weager

A colour pic of SV1.

Jalopy picture: SV1

Leo driving a larger version of SV1.

Jalopy picture: Monica Bishop

Monica Bishop

Jalopy picture: R104 - Harry Tupman

R104 - ready to go! Harry Tupman

Jalopy picture: C44 - 1972

C44 - Heulwen Brown. Terry's racer from his days in Cwmdu. Approx. 1972

Jalopy picture: John Hall

Gerald Green. John Hall. Jane Jones. John Martin.

Jalopy picture: John Martin.

Gerald Green. John Hall 007F. Jane Jones 305F and John Martin 18F.

Jalopy picture: Paul Townsend

Paul Townsend. Eamon McGurk. Mrs McGurk. Dilys Townsend. Christine Powell and Cyril Powell. (Non racers)

Jalopy picture: 2

Jalopy picture: Ja test


Jalopy picture: Line up

Can just make out 848F on the inside line. G72D to the right.